Awards and Speakers

BEACON AWARD                                
To highlight Penn's commitment to women's issues, the Beacon Award is given by the Trustees' Council of Penn Women to recognize an outstanding woman, man or institution who/that has displayed leadership in furthering the advancement of women, through dedicated pursuit of and commitment to issues affecting women, with results that enhance the status of women.
Recipients include: 

2014 Janet Napolitano

2012: Toni Morrison
Nobel & Pulizter Prize novelist  

2008: Sandra Day O'Connor
Former Supreme Court Justice

2007: Marcia Devins Greenberger, Esq., CW'67, L'70
Founder and Co-President of The National Women¹s Law Center

2005: The Hon. Marjorie O. Rendell, CW'69
First Lady of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

2001: Judith S. Rodin, CW'66
President of the University of Pennsylvania

2000: The First Committee on Women Faculty at MIT
Nancy Hopkins, Chair

1999: Virginia F. Knauer, FA'37, HON'71
First Woman Elected to the Philadelphia City Council
First U.S. Consumer Advocate

1997:Hillary Rodham Clinton
Former First Lady

1994: Alvin Shoemaker
Former Chairman of the University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees
Former Chairman of First Boston Corporation

1991: Claire M. Fagin, HON'77, HON'94
Dean of the School of Nursing and Interim President of the University

2013: Helen Frame Peters
2012: Dale Borenstein Bell, MT’81
2011: Susanna E. Lachs, Esq., CW’74, ASC’76
2010: Susan Molofsky Todres, CW'75, WG'77
2009: Maria Chu Ho, W’81
2008:Tama Smith, WG'90 Allison Weiss Brady, C'93, Young Alumni Award
2007: Lolita K. Jackson, ENG'89; Susan T. Marx, CW'66
2006: Sally Lyn Katz, C'82; Marjorie Gordon Schaye, CW'75; Joan M. Lau, ENG'92, Young Alumni Award
2005: Patricia Braun Silvers, CW'72; Carmen M Maldonado, C'91, GED'92, Young Alumni Award
2003: Susan Frier Danilow, CW'74, G'74; Marjorie O. Rendell, CW'69
2002: Judith Roth Berkowitz, CW'64; Andrea Mitchell, CW'67; Sandra Williamson, CW'63
2001: Norma Peden Killebrew, CW'61; Melanie Franco Nussdorf, CW'71
2000: Carol Blum Einiger, CW'70; Susan C. Taylor, C'79
1999: H. Jane Gutman, CW'73
1996: Toni Schmiegelow, CW'70
1995: Pamela Petre Reis, CW'70; Lynne L. Tarnopol, CW'60
1994: Lillian Sholtis Brunner, HUP'40, ED'45, H'85
1992: Barbara Russo Bravo, CW'68, GED'69; Mary Ann Baker Greenawalt, CW'62
1991: Dr. Claire M. Fagin, HOM'77, H'94
1990: Sandra Gilston Hutzler, CW'65
1988: Elsie Sterling Howard, CW'68
1987: Adele K. Schaeffer, CW'55
1982: Dr. Gloria T. Chisum, GR'60
1979: Carol McC. Fitzgerald, CW'63
1973: Margaret R. Mainwaring, ED'47, H'85
1966: Judith Rodin, C'66, Student
1963: Dr. R. Jean Brownlee, ED'34, GR'42, H'86
1950: Dr. Althea Kratz Hottel, ED'29, GR'40, H'59

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