Executive Committee/Leadership

Council Chair - Hilde Toth FAS'79
Vice Chair - Lori Wachs W'90
Treasurer -  Catherine O'Hern Lyons, C'86

TCPW Mission Statement

The Trustees’ Council of Penn Women is an international network of Penn Alumnae.  These leaders, by power of their example, support, foster, and promote the advancement of women and women’s issues within the University, thus enriching the University community as a whole.

Committee Mission Statements and Responsibilities

Advancement of Women Faculty
To be a positive influence and support for female faculty through out their career and across sectors of the University Community. We seek to act in partnership with the Provost’s office to facilitate communication and stimulate gender equity initiatives.
Focused on faculty gender equity at Penn.

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Dore' Russo, W’91, and Susan Ganz, WG'88

• Gender Equity
• TCPW/Provost Award for advancing the role of women in higher education
• Administration and Faculty Dialogues
• Interactive Faculty Programming

To increase the support and recognition of women’s athletic teams and Penn women’s access to physical activity and recreational facilities on campus. Equal access to sports and sports facilities under Title IX is a key tenet of the Committee.  To increase endowments and annual giving for women’s sports, as well as increase alumni, student, and public attendance at women’s games both at Penn’s home fields and courts and in the regions our teams frequently play.  To focus on the needs of women coaches and coaches of women’s teams to monitor concerns about equality of pay, financial support for team activities, endowed coaching positions, and publicity of women’s events. To host an annual career networking panel providing female athletes an opportunity to learn from alumnae, network among peers, and connect with TCPW former athletes.
Focused on Women’s Athletics at Penn

Co-Chairs: Amy Tucker Meltzer, C’89, and Leslie Hughes Smith, C'93, GED'95, WG'02

• Choose  Sports that TCPW will support each season
• Work with team’s coach to determine team’s needs
• Help recruit members onto team boards

Career Networking
To foster networking and mentoring among Penn women.  To act as role models and mentors for students and recent alumnae.
Focused on concern for and guidance of Penn students, particularly undergraduates, as it relates to their post-Penn professional careers.

Co-Chairs:  Lisa M. Aldisert, CW’75, G’75, and Joanne Rosenberg Soslow, C’87, W’87

• Career Panels
• Summer Networking Events – NY, London, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, Beijing
• Mentoring Initiatives
• Serve as an advocate for resources for the Career Services office

To publicize the actions and activities of TCPW and generate knowledge and excitement in the Penn Community about the work being accomplished by Council members on behalf of the University.  To foster a strong sense of community among Council members by enhancing internal communication.  The Committee seeks to act in partnership with Communication Liaisons to accomplish its mission.
Focused on TCPW’s marketing and communications initiatives.

Co-Chairs: Rachel Cervantes, WG’11 and Ashley Mohan, W’98
• Annual Communiqué and eCommuniqués
• Web Site, Facebook page, Twitter account, Linked In accounts
• Press Relations

To ensure the support and growth of TCPW initiatives and to continue to play an important role in the annual and long-term giving goals of the University.
Focused on the annual fundraising plan for TCPW membership.

Co-Chairs: Lynn Jerath, W’95, and Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, C’86

• Participate in the cultivation and solicitation of TCPW members
• Work in partnership with Penn development professionals and alumni relations staff members
• Assist in the recognition of TCPW members and Annual Membership Review
• Identify Other Sources of Funding
To channel the resources of TCPW to support campus organizations and sponsored activities for the benefit of all women within the University community - undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff.  TCPW Grant awards should serve to further the Council’s mission, and to increase its visibility, recognition, and leadership role.  TCPW liaisons to Annual Grant recipients serve to monitor Grant progress and execution. 
Focused on TCPW’s Annual Grants, FEW Grants, SPUR Grants, Emergency Grants, Student Life Grants and Summer Research Stipends.

Co-Chairs: Marisa Toccin Lucas, C'99, and Dr. Susan Drossman Sokoloff, C’84

• Solicit Grant Applications
• Review Applications and Determine Awards

To serve as a liaison to the Office of the Secretary and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to promote and support TCPW members to the highest levels of leadership in the University.  These opportunities include highly visible volunteer opportunities across Development and Alumni Relations, schools and centers, Boards of Overseers and the Board of Trustees.To support ongoing leadership development and volunteer engagement opportunities within the TCPW internal management structure with the goal being to engage as many members as possible in ways which are personally rewarding and which further TCPW’s mission and TCPW’s reach within the University community.
Focused on the identification, recruitment and placement of Council members on University Boards and visible volunteer roles throughout Penn.

Co-Chairs: Alexandra Shapiro Cudby, C’91, WG’97, and Marjorie Weiss Patkin, C’81

• Identify Members for University Boards
• Work with Liaison in Secretary’s Office
• Assist in Membership Awareness regarding TCPW and University leadership opportunities
• Creative leadership development initiatives and volunteer engagement programming

To identify outstanding Penn alumnae who will help to further the mission of the Trustees' Council of Penn Women by becoming active and engaged members of TCPW as well as of the Penn Alumni community.  To work to ensure that the membership of TCPW is both dynamic and diverse and that members remain active and engaged in their support of Council initiatives.  TCPW strives to be reflective of Penn today and encourages the nominations of candidates from diverse regions, professions, years of graduation, ethnicities, charitable and community service commitments, and school/center affiliations.
Focused on the new member nomination process and annual membership review.

Co-Chairs: Jayne Perilstein, W'80, and Jill Topkis Weiss, C’89, WG’93

• Annual membership review with a focus on membership engagement and composition 
• Identification of potential new members
• Review of annual new member nominations with membership recommendations to TCPW’s Executive Committee
• Accountable for new member integration, including oversight of a robust mentoring program

To provide diverse, University-centered educational programming at TCPW’s semi-annual conferences.  Present opportunities for TCPW members to develop and expand leadership skills and to network amongst fellow members, students, and faculty.
Focused on programming TCPW’s bi-annual conferences.

Co-Chairs: Cheryl Peisach, W’87, and Lori Pearlman Wachs, W'90

• Provide Programming for Bi-Annual Conferences
• Set Annual Meeting Calendar

Student Life 
To support and enhance the lives of female undergraduate and graduate students at Penn. This mission will be accomplished by exploring pertinent issues, establishing liaisons with student organizations, cultural resource centers and Office of Student Affairs administrators, identifying needs, serving as a resource and taking appropriate actions. 
Focused on the welfare of students while at Penn.

Co-Chairs: Donna Gerson, C’86, and Donna Shralow Nadel, C’82

• Mentoring selected student groups
• Examining issues effecting Student Psychological Well Being including Health, Social, Housing and Safety Issues
• Student Award selection
• Outreach/Work with student organization leaders, including Penn Women’s Center, cultural resource centers, sororities and performing arts groups
• Inform TCPW members about relevant student issues