La Casa Latina
La Casa works closely with ALA in administering ALA’s Emergency Fund. Through La Casa, ALA is able to stay current on important issues concerning students and the University at large. La Casa is home away from home for many students and several returning alumni. La Casa understands the struggles many students face, including our Latino student body, and they go above and beyond to help all students who come through their doors.  Funding for programming for Penn’s 23+ Latino student groups is limited and the staff works their magic to stretch every dollar. Know that your gift is keeping programming vibrant on campus but more importantly it is sustaining the Latino student body so that they can achieve ever expanding results in all areas of campus life. Click here to donate to La Casa Latina

Greenfield Intercultural Center 
The Albert M. Greenfield Intercultural Center is Penn's resource for enhancing student's intercultural knowledge, competency, and leadership through our programs, advising, and advocacy