PennGALA is governed by a Steering Committee whose nine members serve two-year terms.

Executive Board

Chris McAdams GAR'12 (voting)
Meghan Whitman GED'14 (voting)

Joel Robert Melamed C'71 (voting)

Voting Members

Amelia Aldao C'06
Andrzej Cetnarski G'08 WG'08
Marc Dickstein C'06
Katherine Driscoll L'11
Sarah Stevenson C'03
Nicolle Strand GR'12 L'13

Non-voting Members

Dawn Androphy C'14
Brian Carney CAS'84 WH'84
James Farah WG'70
Meg Hlousek C'12
Lex Ruby Howe C'07

Ex-Officio Member (Non-voting)

Bob Schoenberg, Director of the LGBT Center
Erin Cross, Senior Associate Director of the LGBT Center

LGBT Center staff bios here!