Student Awards

Judith Seitz Rodin Fellowship in Psychology
The Trustees' Council of Penn Women established this fellowship which will be presented annually to a graduate student of high academic merit in honor of Dr. Rodin's great achievements over her decade as president of the University of Pennsylvania. The first $5,000 award will be made in the 2004-2005 academic year. Recipients include:
2014: Moriah Brier
2012: Gwen Larson
2011: Ann Marie Roepke
2010: Adrienne Scutellaro 
2009: Julia Hormes, G’05, GR’14
2008: Alyson Zalta, GR’16
2007: Hilary Dingfelder, GR’16
2006: Andrea Malkovich
2005: Ranjani Prabhakaran, G'09

Judith Seitz Rodin Prize for Innovative Leadership
Co-Sponsored by the Trustees' Council of Penn Women and the Penn Professional Women's Network, this award will be given annually, beginning in 2005, to a Penn woman,in her junior or senior year, who has demonstrated evidence of innovative leadership while a student at Penn.

The Trustees' Council of Penn Women Huber-Giles Award 
honors an outstanding Penn senior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology who demonstrates academic excellence, leadership, service and love of mankind. This award is given in memory of two outstanding students, Michele Huber, ENG'87, W'87, and her fiancé, Bryan Giles, ENG'87, W'87, who were tragically killed in a car accident just after graduating from Penn. Recipients include:

2016 Cathryn Herbst
2015 :Elise Minkin, W’15, ENG’15
2014: Nicole Woon, ENG14 W14 
2013: Starry Peng, W’13, ENG’13
2012: Eve Ying Lee, W’12, ENG’12
2011: Amin Lakhani, ENG'11, W'11 
2010: Alexander Yen, W'10 ENG '10
2009: Kathleen E. Wu, W'09 ENG'09
2008: Ernest "Ted" Gomez, ENG'08, W'08
2007: Elaine Khoong, SEAS'07, W'07
2006: Deeksha Hebbar, SEAS'06, W'06 
2005: Bryan Chao, EE'05, W'05
2004: Jason R. Franklyn, ENG'04, W'04
2002: Eileen M. McCarthy, ENG'02, W'02
2000: Kay B. Hsu, ENG'00, W'00
1999: Pamela Au, ENG'99, W'99
1998: Caroline Chen, ENG'98, W'98
1997: S. William Kung, ENG'97, W'97
1997: Sock Hoon Wang, ENG'97, W'97
1996: Staci Lynn Standen, C'96
1995: Matthew Bryce Kratter, ENG'95, W'95
1994: Christopher Heagele, C'94, W'94
1993: Nancy Rubenstein, ENG'93, W'93
1992: Erika M. Vernon, C'92
1991: Robert Sheker, C'91, W'91
1990: Mary Bullington, C'90, W'90
1989: Danielle Mach, C'89, W'89

Student Leadership Award 
TCPW honors an outstanding junior or senior woman with high academic achievement who has demonstrated commitment
 to the University through her involvement and leadership.
 Recipients include: 

2015: Madeleine Stevens, C’15
2014: Carolina Angel, C'14
2013: Morgan Humphrey, W'13
2012: Margaret Hlousek, C’12
2011: Amelia Cataldo, NU’11, GNU’16
2010: Sheyla Medina, C’10
2009: Lisa Zhu, C’09, W’09 
2008: Arushi Sharma, C'08 2008 and Stacie N. Smith, C'08
2007: Katie Burkhart, C'07
2006: Rachel Fersh, C'06
2004: Mary C. Murphy, C'04, Nu'04
2003: Camila Maria Aguirre, C'04
2000: Emily R. Pollack, C'00
1998: Rachel Goldfarb, C'99
1997: Bethany F. Rubin, C'98, G'98
1996: Lela Jacobson, C'97
1995: Tamara Dubowitz, C'96
1994: Carolyn Choi, C'95
1993: Karin Klein, W'94, C'94, WG'95
1992: Lillian Sun, W'93
1991: Denise Wolf, C'92
1990: Erica Strohl, C'91
1989: Shari Senzon, C'90, M'94