Advancing Alumnae

Annual Career Event
The Career Networking Event is a signature event hosted by the TCPW for Penn undergraduate women. This event provides students with the opportunity to meet with professional women to gain first-hand information and practical advice on various careers paths. Because of the wide array of professional experiences of TCPW members, they are able to share invaluable information through open, honest dialogue with the students who attend. Following a keynote speaker or panel discussion, students are invited to mingle with professional women according to areas of expertise and interest. Please see the Calendar of Events for the next scheduled Career Event or email Terri Welsh at for more information.

Each year, the Trustees' Council of Penn Women hosts panel discussions that examine issues that are timely and important to Penn students. These panels feature representatives from TCPW and the Penn community. The main topics of interest have been career and lifestyle issues. Most recently, TCPW hosted a panel titled "Facebookology : The Effects of Social Networking Websites on Relationships", which was an interactive discussion with a panel of experts, including Penn faculty, administrators and students to explore this burgeoning social networking phenomenon. (See Press for DP article). Other panels topics have been: "Can You Have it All", a panel that focused on how professional women manage their career and family choices; "Body Talks: Exploring the Feminine Figure", which offered a movie screening and panel of female students who shared their personal "body image" stories; and a Body Image panel where world renowned authors, corporate executives, and marketing strategists discussed body image issues, challenging cultural expectations with shifting perspectives. Please see the Calendar of Events for the next scheduled panel discussion or email Terri Welsh at if you have a panel idea you'd like to discuss.

Summer Networking Events for Undergraduates and Recent Alumnae
TCPW holds regional summer events, in NYC, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and London for undergraduates and recent alumnae. These are intended to bring together groups in different parts of the country where there is a critical mass of students and graduates from Penn working for the summer or in their first jobs. A featured speaker will talk about her particular career path, and the role that mentoring has played. There is an opportunity to mingle and network among the students and graduates, along with TCPW members who work and live in those regions. Details about these events are sent by email. For further information, please see the Calendar of Events or email Terri Welsh at