Staff Hosts and Guides

Who will be traveling with me?

Every Penn Alumni tour includes hosts and guides that will enhance your travel experience. Read more about these people below and how best to use their expertise during the tour.

Penn Staff Hosts

Tours with 20 or more Penn Alumni passengers will sometimes include a Penn staff host in addition to your Penn faculty host. Staff hosts are a wonderful resource for questions concerning:

• Penn Alumni Travel
• Your faculty host’s lectures
• The University of Pennsylvania
• Other Penn Alumni resources

Staff hosts are also familiar with the itinerary and will be able to answer most questions about the day-to-day activities. Penn Alumni travelers should use the staff host as a helpful advocate if questions or concerns arise during the course of the tour.

Staff hosts also work to arrange special receptions and dinners for Penn Alumni travelers as well as act as trip photographer. After the tour has ended, your staff host will help to coordinate picture-sharing among your fellow travelers. (This will be coordinated via the Penn Alumni Travel office for those tours without a staff host.)

Tour Directors

Every Penn Alumni Travel trip includes at least one tour director (TD). Larger cruises will often have 3-5 tour directors. The TD is an employee of the tour operator and handles all logistical details of the tour. Your TD can answer all questions concerning:

• The itinerary including accommodations, transportation, excursions, and food
• Other travel concerns as they arise
• Travel or personal emergencies

Some TDs are natives of the country and are trained to answer your questions about the local history and culture.

Local Guides

Local guides are used during every tour excursion. Local guides are used to provide our travelers with the very best and up-to-date information about the region or site that we are visiting. Also, many countries require tour groups to use these native guides at official historical and cultural sites. These guides will provide a fantastic overview of what you are viewing. This information may also be elaborated upon by your faculty host during his or her lectures or during informal conversations at dinner.