How do SIGs remain in good standing?

Penn Branding

Adhere to the University's policy on the use of the Penn name and insignia/logos as provided by Penn Alumni.

Political Neutrality

Respect Penn Alumni's responsibility to remain neutral on all political, social and economic issues both inside and outside the Penn community; any position of the SIG must always be qualified with clear language that states "The [GROUP] does not represent the President and Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania or Penn Alumni.".


Comply with Penn's policy of nondiscrimination by not discriminating on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected class.

Corporate Solicitation

Restrict solicitation of corporate sponsorship for an event to an amount that does not exceed the greater of (1) the expenses of a particular event, or (2) the SIG's annual operating expenses; requests for and acknowledgements of corporate sponsorships must clearly state that the contribution is to the SIG and not to Penn; Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations must review and approve all corporate sponsorships equal to or in excess of $500.

Research Centers and Initiatives

Not be established to support a Penn research center or initiative without written permission from the Provost's Office.


Refrain from admitting to its membership any individuals who are not members of the current Penn community (alumni and their spouses/partners, students, faculty, staff, parents and visiting fellows); at the discretion of the SIG, non-Penn community members may participate in SIG events.

Governing Board

Remain independent and not become a chapter of a non-Penn organization.

Be governed primarily by Penn alumni (defined as any individual who has spent one year in a University of Pennsylvania degree-bearing program), i.e. with a governing body comprising at least three-fourths (75%) Penn alumni.

Require all Board members to be registered members of QuakerNet, the Penn Alumni Online Community.

Annual Report and Renewal

Submit an annual report on membership and programming that includes a summary of group activities, samples of any materials produced by the group, and the number of active members as of the end of the fiscal year.

Submit a renewal form every five years to maintain recognition and benefits.

Penn Alumni reserves the right to determine the degree of adherence to these operating principles. On a case by case basis, Penn alumni may endorse and facilitate partnerships between SIGs and Penn Clubs and between SIGs and any parallel student-based organization or club.