Why Penn?

Satisfy your Intellectual Curiosity

Our trips provide a richer experience than your average travel thanks to the educational character of each and every program. Every trip is organized to engage and inform its passengers, and many of our trips offer the added bonus of a Penn faculty host who will bring the destination to life.

Connect with Penn Alumni Friends

Enjoy your trip with like-minded Penn Alumni and Friends. Every trip is an opportunity to forge new friendships with individuals as intellectually curious and diverse as yourself. 

Relax and Enjoy the Best

Leave all the details to us. Our tour providers are the very best, and you'll travel to first class accommodations with zero worries!       

Discover Something New

Penn Travel offers nearly 25 trips per year to destinations on all seven continents.Travel to destinations that you've never considered before or return to familiar spots and gain a fresh perspective thanks to our special tours and faculty lectures.