Regional Club Leadership Resources

Welcome to the New and Improved Leadership Resources Site!

The Regional Clubs Team is pleased to share this easy-to-navigate website which features an extensive toolkit of information and best practices. You will find useful resources on topics such as: Marketing & Communications, Club Finances, and Board Management, to make a few. Simply click the title for more information.

Please contact your liaison with any questions and let them know if there are other tools that would be useful for you to continue the vital work you do for Penn!

Thank you!


Join Us at a 2017 Volunteer Leadership Retreat!

We are pleased to offer three opportunities for club leaders to gather with Regional Clubs staff to hear the latest news from Alumni Relations and share best practices. Our first retreat, held on campus on February 17 & 18, was a tremendous success with representatives from 18 different alumni clubs.

Click here to view resources of the on campus leadership retreat, including all powerpoint slide presentations!

Stay tuned for more information, including where to register, for the London event. 

Club Fundamentals
The following section features topic areas helpful for veteran and new club leaders as they are building, growing or sustaining their local Penn Club.

  1. Top Tips for Club Management
  2. Club Mission Statement
  3. Annual Goals
  4. By-laws
  5. Partners with Penn
  6. Privacy Policy
Board Management

A strong board is a crucial aspect of your Penn Club! Information detailed below explains the recommended board structure and sample position descriptions as well as how to recruit and retain volunteers. In the Best Practices section you will find a sample board agenda and a sample board retreat agenda. The Penn Club of Philadelphia, a board of 15 to 20 volunteers, has an annual retreat to allow for event and overall planning as well as team building. Talk with your liaison if you would like implement something like this in your region.

  1. Board Structure and Position Descriptions
  2. Recruit and Retain Volunteers

Best Practices:

  1. Sample Board Meeting Agenda (Download from the Penn Club of Chicago)
  2. Sample Board Retreat Agenda (Download from the Penn Club of Philadelphia)
Event Planning

Events are at the core of all Penn Alumni Regional Clubs worldwide. Regardless of the size, successful events have the capacity to create great impact by engaging alumni in the region and reconnecting them to Penn. Below you will find an Event Ideas Bank, an Event Planning Checklist, and information about Signature and University Speaker Events. We encourage you to utilize these documents as a guide in planning your next event and tailoring them to the needs of your club! Additionally, in the Best Practices section, you can download our Penn Quizzo and Penn Person Bingo games as well as view other helpful event planning documents.

  1. Event Planning Checklist
  2. Creative and Unique Event Ideas Bank (compiled from Partners with Penn)
  3. Signature Events
  4. University Speaker Events

Best Practices:

  1. Sample Calendars - 4 events per year and 6 events per year (Download from Penn Alumni Relations)
  2. Penn Spirit (Download Penn Quizzo and Penn Person Bingo)
  3. Event Sign-in Sheet (Download from Penn Alumni Relations)
  4. Event Summary Template (Sample from the Penn Club of Bucks County)
Marketing & Communications

Communicating to the local alumni in your area about your club and your events is extremely important. Shared below are tips and tricks for Marketing and Communications, focusing on social media, email, and listservs. In the Best Practices section, you will find information about how to increase open rates, logos & graphics from Penn Alumni Regional Clubs, and samples from the other Penn Clubs. Also, feel free to use the Penn Alumni event photos in your communication and branding standards.

Marketing & Communications 101

Best Practices:

  1. How to Increase Open Rates
  2. Logos & Graphics
  3. Penn Alumni Event Photos (Phanfare)
    Use Penn's Phanfare site to find and download great photos from Penn Alumni events, including Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, and regional programming.
  4. Branding Standards
    Detailed information about Penn's branding standards. May be helpful information as you are creating graphics and logos for your club and events.

Members are the lifeblood of your organization! The Membership 101 section details information and ideas about how to structure membership within your club. Whether you are starting a membership program or revisiting an existing format, there is helpful information for you to consider. In the Best Practices area you will find sample dues structures as well as a document created by a club detailing the reasons to join their Penn Club; feel free to adapt for your region!

Membership 101

Best Practices: 

  1. Sample Membership Structure (Download from Penn Alumni Relations)
  2. Top Reasons to Join Your Penn Club (Sample from The Penn Club of Southwest Florida)

The Finances section features a helpful overview for all clubs as well as information on incorporation. In the Best Practices section you will find a Conflict of Interest Fundraising Statement that one club has all of its board members sign as well as an Expense Reimbursement Form used post-event to track finances and reimbursements. As all clubs, their budgets and bank accounts are different, please ask your liaison any questions this topic.

  1. Financial Management 101
  2. Incorporation

Best Practices:

  1. Expense Reimbursement Form (Sample GoogleDoc from the Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia)

Webinars & Quarterly Calls

The Regional Clubs Team offers webinars and Quarterly Calls to best meet the needs of our club leaders. The team partners with the Regional Club Advisory Board to produce informational webinars that take an in-depth look at important topics in club management. The Quarterly Calls are a new initiative with the goals of  facilitating connection between club leaders and the Regional Clubs Team on a more consistent basis and share information and best practices, while providing the opportunity for our club leaders to learn from their peers.   We are always looking for new ideas for our webinars and Quarterly Calls. Please send suggestions to your club liaison or email us at

Archived Regional Clubs Webinars:

1. Best Practices in Club Management
2. Understanding How to Effectively Use Social Media to Market Your Club
3. Event Planning: A Guide to Creating Great Events for Your Club
4. Using QuakerNet and LinkedIn Effectively for Regional Clubs

Upcoming Quarterly Calls

Membership Best Practices - Tuesday, August 22 | 9am, 12pm, 7pm 

Archived Quarterly Calls

A Club Leader's Guide to the Interview Program - May 2017
Regional Clubs Action Plan - February 2017

Engaging Quakers of All Ages - November 2016
Understanding Your Constituents - August 2016
What Can Alumni Relations Do For You - May 2016
Campus Partners

Our campus partners are vital parts of the work our leaders do out in the regions. Learn more below about just a few ways to connect your club to things that are happening on and off-campus!

Alumni can attend a variety of educational webinars throughout the year or register for the 3rd Annual Alumni-Exclusive Coursera course. Visit the Alumni Education website for more details!

For the sports fans, subscribe to the Ivy League Digital Network and you can watch over 100 Penn Athletics games and competitions a year, no matter where in the world you live! 
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