Eligibility Requirements

The following standards are updated annually, so please review them before each admissions cycle. Please also review our Principles of Good Practice to ensure that you and each of our applicants will have a positive interview experience. 

In order to be eligible to serve as members of the Penn Alumni Interview Program, all volunteers must:

  • hold a diploma from any of Penn's four undergraduate schools, or from one of our multi-year graduate degree programs;
  • be comfortable discussing the Penn undergraduate experience with prospective students;
  • enjoy meeting with students from diverse perspectives and backgrounds; 
  • want to share their enthusiasm for Penn with others;
  • officially register and operate within our volunteer Portal; and
  • review our online training materials.

Alumni are not eligible to serve as a member of the Interview Program if they have a conflict of interest—either real or perceived. As such, volunteers must not:

  • have any personal interest in the admissions outcome for a specific student, for a particular secondary school, or for another undergraduate institution;
  • work as educational/college consultants, or provide any services relating to college applications, such as essay writing, test prep, or application review—whether paid or unpaid;
  • have a child who is a high school senior or applying to colleges, regardless of whether or not that child is applying to Penn;
  • be employed by an admissions, financial aid, development, or other related office at Penn or at another undergraduate institution;
  • interview for any other undergraduate institution in the same admissions cycle (i.e., a person with degrees from multiple universities may only conduct undergraduate interviews for one alma mater in a given year). 

Members with other potential conflicts of interest should discuss them with a staff member from the Penn Alumni Interview Program.

High school professionals are discouraged from serving as alumni interviewers, since your role as an interviewer may put you in an uncomfortable position with students and parents in your local community. If you work at a high school and would like to serve as an alumni interviewer, contact the Interview Program to discuss your eligibility.

Note: We are not extending membership to certificate holders or other non-degree-holding alumni at this time. Alumni affiliate groups like Penn Parents are also ineligible, with the exception of parents who hold a degree from Penn.

Members will notify the Penn Alumni Interview Program if they commit or witness any breach of the above expectations. Any member found in violation of our Eligibility Requirements or Principles of Good Practice is subject to deactivation from the Interview Program.

When in doubt, please contact the Penn Alumni Interview Program with any questions or concerns.


[ See also: Principles of Good Practice ]