Class of 1965

In May 2015, we celebrated our 50th reunion. Click links for photos from the Saturday 50th Reunion Gala at VIE; Friday's 50th Reunion Welcome at Penn Museum; Saturday's Alumni Day Parade and Picnic and President's Reception recognizing Reunion Volunteers. Visit Penn Alumni Photo Albums for all Penn Alumni photos.


We need assistance with all kinds of outreach and planning. Even if you only have time to call members of a particular club or your closest friends and housemates, that will make a difference. Email our Class Liaison for information on how you can get involved.


Connect with old friends and join the conversation about our love of Penn!

View photos from past Penn Alumni Events and our 50th Reunion:

Reunion Outreach & Planning Committee

Vicki Douglass Bendit, CW'65, Class President and Reunion Chair

Edward T. Anderson, MD, C’65, M’69, Class Panel
Robert  "Bob" L. Baer, CHE'65, GEE'67, GR'71, Reunion Yearbook co-Chair& Outreach co-Chair
Frank Barrett, Alumni Authors Display
Henry Phillip "Skip" Becker
Gerald "Gerry" Bedrick, W'65, Outreach co-Chair
Maryann Urban Braden, CW'65, Outreach co-Chair
Steve Bretschneider, C'65
Lewis Coopersmith, C'65, Class Panel
Benjamin H. "Ben" Craine, W'65, Outreach & Planning Chair, Class Panel
Charles "Charlie"  E. Dagit, Jr., C'65, AR'67, GAR'68, Reunion Yearbook co-Chair and Class Panel
Steve Dexter, C'65
Leonard "Len" Ganz, W'65
Ronne Charen Goldstein, CW'65

Kendall Dudley, W’65, Class Panel
Jill Harris, CW'65
Donna MacNeill Heffner, CW'65
Sam Heffner, W'65
Gene Hilzenrath, W'65
Julie Erber Jaffe, CW'65
Suzanne “Suzi” Denbo Jaffe, CW’65, Class Panel
David Kirk, C'65, WG'67
Ogden (Clip) Kniffin, C'65
Martin H. "Marty" Kushner, C'65
Warren Lieberfarb, W'65, Class Panel
Karyl Charna Lynn CW’65, Alumni Authors Display
Corbin Marr, C'65
Stewart Merkin, W'65
Robert Morse, C'65
Mary Gabriele Panek, CW'65
Honorable Edward G. Rendell, C’65, HON’00, Speaker
James S. Riepe, W'65, WG'67, HON'10, Class Panel
Arnold "Skip" Rosoff, W'65
Charles Sands, W'65 Richard Schneidman,
Arlene Manhoff Silikovitz, C'65
Carol Hall Solotoff, CW'65
Richard Steinberg, Alumni Authors Display
Zelda Stillman Topkis, CW'65
Robert Temple,  C'65, Alumni Authors Display
Joan Segal Trachtenberg, NU’65, GNU’81
Spencer Wertheimer, W'65
Mark G. Yudof, C'65, L'68, Alumni Authors Display
Richard Zacharia,W'65

Gift Committee

Suzanne "Suzi" Denbo Jaffe, CW'65, co-Chair
Robert "Bob" J. Schiff, W'65, co-Chair

Robert L.Baer, CHE'65, GEE'67, GR'71
H. Phillip “Skip” Becker, W'65
Sylvia Binder Blume, CW'65
Iris Birnbaum Burkat, CW'65
Julie Pontz Curson, CW'65
Frank R.Fioramonti, W'65
Mark Gordon, W'65, L'68
John C. Hover II, C'65, WG'67
Harry Immerman. W'65
Warren Lieberfarb, W'65
Susan Frick Payne, CW'65, GED'86
Hershel Sosnoff, W'65
Robert A.Vort, W'65

Supporting Penn

We hope you will consider supporting The Penn Fund this year! Every dollar raised means ensuring the ongoing health of Penn, and your personal gift is your vote of confidence in your alma mater. Our collective gift shows our class pride. The Penn Fund supports the highest priorities of the University, namely need-based student aid as well as student activities, residential life, and classroom technology. All gifts matter, as alumni participation is a factor in Penn’s national rankings. For some, considering a gift at the leadership donor level is possible, and we hope you give at a level that is meaningful to you. The Benjamin Franklin Society serves as an inspiration to fellow Penn alumni. Click here to see if you are eligible for matching gift dollars through your or your spouse’s company. Give here today: For more information on supporting scholarships, click here, or contact your Penn Fund representative. Thank you in advance for considering your gift to The Penn Fund.

It's easy to become a member of the Harrison Society, which recognizes alumni and friends who have named Penn as a beneficiary of a will, living trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy that benefits Penn in the future.   If you have included Penn in your will, or would like information about making a bequest or beneficiary designation of your retirement plan or life insurance to support The Penn Fund or your class scholarship, please contact Beth Delaney (215) 898-6171 or, or visit