Class of 1968

May 11-14, 2018 

The class of 1968 has launched a class-only website that features our new 50th reunion logo, and has been professionally designed to connect us to one another!!!   The site has already uploaded our 1968 yearbook ‘The Record” and classmates will find their yearbook photo on the site. Once you register – and as each of us updates our contact information, and answers some of the questions  about our life-journey these past 50 years - all registrants will receive an update.   We hope that you will include a current photo too, of course – unless you look exactly the same as you did in 1968 (It’s possible!)

Registration is easy.  All you need do is:

1. Go to your web browser. Enter

2. Go to the tab entitled “First Time Visitors”

3. Follow the prompts and you are good to go

4. Make sure that you check all the “NOTIFY ME” boxes that ask you if you want “updates” etc. 

The site is password protected, and I personally approve every registrant to the site to ensure that only our classmates have access.  Member privacy and security comes first. Every user has individual privacy control, Instant Messaging and can chat privately with other members.  There is a “Who's Online” feature and members can see who is using the site in real time.  There is an Announcement Board that all Classmates can useOf course, we will calendar all reunion-connected events.  In addition, there is a full “In Memoriam” section with a “private comments board",  where we will pay tribute to our classmates who are no longer with us 

Another great automatic feature of this website is the it updates each registrant every time another classmate joins the group and every time an update is added.  (There are several  “NOTIFY ME” boxes you need to check for this feature to be active.)  In the spring of 2018, right before our 50th celebration at Penn,  the profiles on our site will be downloaded into our reunion ‘Record”, a printed and bound book that will be gifted to members of the class.  

Some of the additional features of this password-protected site:

  • “What's New" Feed - all site activity is in one convenient location.  

  • Maintains Classmate contact information and records. Import and export with Excel.

  • Classmate profiles have been customized with our list questions (You don’t need to answer   any or all of the questions.)  Classmates can change, edit or update a personal profile at any time.  Classmates have secure and easy access to their own profile through their password.

  • Allows classmates to receive site updates and announcements. Keep classmates engaged!

  • Sends emails to just one person, privately -- or send emails to the entire class.

  • Posts announcements.  Our classmates will be ‘connected’.

  • From time to time, we will  include surveys and polls  to collect your ideas and suggestions

  • We will upload MP3 music, create Playlists and shares them (Looking for a volunteer here)

  • There’s a full featured “In Memoriam” space where we will pay tribute to and remember classmates we’ve lost

  • Find classmates living nearby – using the map

  • The site will maintain our list of MISSING CLASSMATES. Help us find friends!          

  • Displays “This Day”  in History events  (So you have a reason to look at the site every day.)

  • Displays “rewind” historical audio from Brandon Books

  • Displays daily classmate birthdays  (We all know how old we are)

  • Provides built -in history videos

  • Provides a profile key to easily see what content is

    I’m looking forward to seeing your registration.  Remember, this website is only for the Class of 1968 and your registration ensures that you will be included in the Class of 1968 50th Reunion Yearbook .

 See you online—and at the 50th, if not before.

 If you have any questions please email me at


Class of 1968 Leadership


Alexius C. Conroy: President
Michael "Micky" Neiditch: Vice President-Communications
Doug Cox: Vice President/Outreach & Class Legacy Project (Gifts)
Sidney Rodbell: Vice President/Outreach & Class Legacy Project (Gifts)
Maria Argentieri: Vice President
Barbara Russo Bravo: Vice President & Sorority Outreach Chair; Housing & Hotel Chair
  • Gail Riepe & Sue Meade & Fran Sheely: Tri Delt
  • Leslie Maddin Bayer & Marilyn Kramer Kahn- D Phi E
  • Carol Clapp & Phyllis Rodbell- A E Phi
  • Betsy Scott: SDT
  • Barbara Russo Bravo: KD
Elsie Sterling Howard: Vice President
Jack Goldenberg: Associate Vice President & 2018 Liaison 

Honorary Reunion Chairmen

Michael Crow
David Montgomery
Larry Nussdorf
Gail Petty Riepe

Committee Chairmen

Betsy Scott Kleeblatt: Sorority Outreach Co-Chair
Betty Rothschild: Chair
  • Bennett UnionBoard and Connaissance Outreach Chair
Fran Poeppelmeir Sheely: Legacy Garden Chair
Diane McClure Holsenbeck: Legacy Garden Vice Chair
Carolyn Marcus Jacobs: Women's Athletics Outreach Chair
Bill Creeden: Athletics Outreach Chair
  • Bob Fountain- Lightweight Crew Chair
  • Track
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Baseball
Tad Decker: Fraternity Outreach Chair
  • Jim Colins & David Montgomery: Fraternity Outreach Vice Chairmen
  • 15 fraternities covered as of 4.18.17
  • Mark Grant & Larry Nussdorf: Pi Lam
Rich Sabreen: Video Chair
  • Sue Croll, Carolyn Marcus Jacobs & Janet Simon, Archives Team
Robert Cort: Cinema Project Chair and Keynote Speaker
Mona Shangold: Mortarboard & Pennsyngers Outreach Chair

Class of 1968 50th Reunion Committee

Leslie Maddin Bayer
Denis Blake
Frank Boka
Karen Whitestone Carr
Gene Castellano
Jamie Cohen
Joe Cohen
Jon & Nina Day
Donald Douchkess
Lee Eisenberg
Randy Elkins
Judy Erdberg
Tom Farrell
David Feldman
Judy & Andrew Finger
Charles Forman
Bob Fountain
Douglas Frenkel
Michael Glosserman
Marsha Goldberg
Lee Gordon
Joan Chernoff Gluck
Colin Hanna
Robert Hawley
Bill Hermann
Beth Alstchul Hurwich & Joe Hurwich
Maggie Wilner Hut & Steve Hut
Tom Isaacs
Betsy Berk Kahn
Leslie Mertz Kaplan & Samuel Kaplan
Linda Kates
Ellen & Rick Kelson
Marilyn Kramer Weitzman Khan
Chip Kowalyck
Carol Kiryluk
Ron Kriss
Bobbi Penneys Susselman Laufer
Syd Lefkoe
Jack Lehman
Michael Levy
Todd Makler
Peter Marvin
Sue Laudenslager Meade
Ken Meskin
Don Morrison
Rick Owens
John Raudabaugh
Jim Rothschild
Eric Ruby
Rich Sabreen
Ted Sachs
Lorna Seely
Fran Poeppelmier Sheely
Faith Johnson Schoenfeld
Lonny Schooler
Larry Shiekman
Christine & John Summer
Winston Walp
Georgianna Ziegler

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