Pennkeys and Passwords for QuakerNet

I do not have a PennKey or password. How do I obtain one?

1. Get a Setup Code.

If you graduated prior to 1987, please contact, or 215-898-8136.

If you graduated in 1987 or later, visit the PennKey ASAP site. After you submit some basic information, a PennKey Setup Code will be issued to you via email within a few minutes. While you wait for your PennKey Setup Code email to arrive, please review these important guidelines for creating a password.
If you encounter problems when using the ASAP site, please contact, or 215-898-8136.

2. Get a PennKey.

After you receive your Setup Code, you will need to register your PennKey and create a password. Please have the following information ready:
o    Your Setup Code, exactly as you received it. Setup Codes expire after sixty days.
o    The last four digits of your Social Security #.
o    Your date of birth.
o    An idea for your password.

With the information listed above, visit the PennKey Web Site and enter the data as requested. Remember that PennKeys are case-sensitive.
Please make sure to enroll in Challenge-Response (PennKey Security Questions) so that you can reset your password in case you ever lose it.

How can I reset my PennKey and Password?

1. Test your PennKey.

First, test your PennKey and password.
If your PennKey and password work, then use them to log on to QuakerNet.

2. Not working? Try resetting your password.

If your PennKey and password do not appear to work, but you have previously enrolled in the Challenge-Response (PennKey Security Questions), you can reset your password here.
Please note:

o    You will need your 8-digit PennID number (from the QuakerNet email) to proceed with Challenge Response.
o    Please review these important guidelines for creating a password.

3. Still having trouble? Let us help.

If the steps listed above are not working, we can help you set up your PennKey and password. Click here to reach us by email, or call us by phone at (215) 898- 8136.

Where will I use my PennKey and password?

Click here for Alumni PennKey resources.