Multicultural Outreach

The Multicultural Outreach team in Alumni Relations works to encourage alumni of color and LGBT alumni to find and maintain meaningful connections and active engagement with Penn. This staff team works closely with the Co-Chairs as well as the leaders of each member organization in the Penn Alumni Diversity Alliance, made up of groups that center on culturally-focused alumni affiliation and interaction, as well as intercultural collaboration.

The Multicultural Outreach team also seeks to increase diverse alumni participation and leadership across the spectrum of other Penn Alumni activities and organizations by working with the Penn Alumni Regional Clubs, Classes & Reunions, and Alumni Education teams. Finally, this team generates new opportunities for diverse alumni to interact based on a common interest, such as the performing arts at an Annenberg Center performance, or student outreach at a Multicultural Student Leadership Reception.

Marvin Rocha, Director 

Lisette Garza, Assistant Director

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