In fall 2013, the University of Pennsylvania hosted Penn Spectrum, the University's second weekend-long alumni conference devoted entirely to celebrating diversity. Through this conference and the previous one, both sponsored by the Office of the President and Penn Alumni Relations, Penn sought to engage diverse undergraduate and graduate alumni from all walks of life, and to provide a new opportunity for them to reconnect with one another and their alma mater in a meaningful way. Though any interested alumni may attend, Penn Spectrum focuses on programs of interest to Asian, Black, Latino, Native American, and LGBT communities, the populations served by the existing volunteer coalition of the Penn Alumni Diversity Alliance. This has made Penn the first among its peers to bring together alumni of color and LGBT alumni at one conference to affirm not only individual group affinity and identity, but also cross-cultural collaboration and understanding. Alumni leaders worked in conjunction with Penn Alumni's Multicultural Outreach team to craft an agenda to include numerous intellectual, social, and professional activities. The conference will include welcome remarks from President Amy Gutmann, topical panel discussions, student group performances with alumni, affinity-based social events, and a Saturday evening gala. For more information, please contact Elise Betz Executive Directoe Penn Alumni Relations at 215 898-2027.