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Spend an evening with John Zeller, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, and Hoopes Wampler, Ed'13, Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations who will give a brief presentation about Penn Today and Penn President Amy Gutmann's vision, Penn Compact 2020. The Penn Compact lists bold aspirations for higher education and the University, which include the availability of a no-loan aid package that eliminated loans for financially eligible students, a Penn Integrates Knowledge program, which recruits faculty whose focus and research is on interdisciplinary work and discussion on the planning and design vision for the campus.


Penn Alumni Club of Memphis invite you to Family Zoo Outing

Sunday, April 26 starting at 1:30 pm at the Memphis Zoo

Intelligent Robots: An Evening With Professor Dan Lee

Today we have machines that can easily beat us in intellectual pursuits such as chess or Jeopardy, yet are still unable to help us do the laundry or wash our dishes. Please join the Penn Club of Lehigh Valley at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem as we welcome Dr. Daniel Lee, the Evan C. Thompson Term Chair, Raymond S. Markowitz Faculty Fellow, and Professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Lee will discuss some of the latest research on intelligent robots at Penn, including getting robots to drive, play soccer, and perform rescue missions.

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Positive Psychology Micro Lab

SOMO Micro Lab - SOcial-eMOtional Intelligence + Leadership

Successful people think differently. They have the ability to bounce back, persevere, and make things happen even in the face of adversity. In this innovative learning laboratory, we'll be exposed to the burgeoning research in Positive Psychology, the science of success and happiness. We will discover how we’re genetically predisposed to negativity, and how switching this habit of thinking to something more positive takes intention, attention and effort. Come learn some scientifically informed strategies for how to build psychosocial muscle and in turn, get SO'MO of what you want in life (at home, work, and every place in between).


Startup Series | Networking with NerdWallet, Zenefits, and One Medical Group

Join us for the first edition of Startup Series, connecting Penn alumni with startups in the San Francisco Bay Area for networking opportunities! 

Find out how three successful startups are capitalizing on today's complex, consumer-centric world of health care, insurance, benefits, and more. This event features speakers from NerdWallet, Zenefits, and One Medical Group who will talk about the impact these startups are making on both consumer and enterprise decision making. 

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