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Penn Alumni Travel: Cruise the Black Sea
Featuring Professor Arthur Waldron

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Discover the astounding wealth of culture and history on the shores of the Black Sea during an exciting journey that takes you from the birth of civilization to the dramatic end of the Cold War.

Featuring Professor Michael Weisberg

Join Professor Michael Weisberg, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Penn and also serves as the Chair of the Philosophy Graduate Group, as he gives a short lecture on the Galapagos Islands.
Penn Alumni Travel: National Parks & Lodges of the Old West
Featuring Professor Sarah Barringer Gordon

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Inspiration, a connection to the past, and nature's beauty are the gifts of this American expedition. Amidst spectacular scenery and over night stays in extraordinary historic lodges that are destinations unto themselves, this journey traces the historic paths and natural splendors of the Old West.
An afternoon with Penn History & Law Professor Sarah Barringer Gordon
Sponsored by Penn Alumni Travel and the Penn Regional Clubs

The Rustic Inn
475 N. Cache St.
Jackson, Wyoming
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