Penn Alumni Interview Program

Interview prospective students.

Share your Penn experience.

Make a difference.

About the Interview Program

Each year, thousands of Penn alumni volunteers interact with tens of thousands of prospective Penn students around the world.  Alumni interviewers help high school students learn more about Penn, and they help the Admissions Office learn more about applicants to the university.  Penn's alumni interviewers serve as ambassadors in their local communities, providing crucial assistance to the Undergraduate Admissions Office as they work to select the next generation of Penn students.   Although members are involved in a variety of activities, the primary goal of the Penn Alumni Interview Program (formerly known as the Secondary School Committee) is to offer an interview to every student who applies as a prospective undergraduate.

Why serve as an Alumni Interviewer?

As application numbers to Penn increase, interviews play an essential role in the committee review process. Interviews are both evaluative and informative, allowing students the opportunity to comfortably interact one-on-one with a graduate of the institution, while allowing the Alumni Interviewer to share information about the university, as well as about their individual Penn experience. Interviewers answer questions, provide a positive perspective on the University, and accumulate additional information about applicants for use in the application review process for the Penn Admissions Office. The ideal alumni interviewer is comfortable discussing the Penn undergraduate experience in detail with prospective students, and does not have any personal interest in the admissions outcome for a specific student, for a particular secondary school, or for another undergraduate institution.

Register to become an Alumni Interviewer

If this task sounds intriguing to you, and you have no conflict of interest, please CLICK HERE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Wherever possible, interviews are conducted in person, through a face-to-face meeting between applicant and interviewer. In regions where there are not enough alumni available to offer in-person interviews, we have Virtual Committees that offer interviews via Skype or other means. Interviewers have the option of joining a Virtual Committee when completing our membership form (Note: PennKey and password required).