Shared Interest Groups

Penn Alumni recognizes shared interests to be a critical part of what connects so many alumni with each other and with Penn. Therefore, in alliance with its mission to establish a mutually beneficial lifelong relationship between the University and its alumni, and to encourage peer-to-peer interaction, Penn Alumni formally supports the development and existence of Penn Alumni Shared Interest Groups (SIGs).

Grass-root efforts have long been underway to bring alumni together based on shared interests, and some alumni leaders have expressed interest in their groups being officially recognized by Penn. Please read on to learn more about SIGs, how they will be supported by Penn Alumni, and how you can get one started.

What is a SIG?

Penn Shared Interest Groups are groups of 50 or more alumni who share common interests arising from, for example, their Penn co-curricular activities or professional career experience, and who desire to affiliate with each other as a subgroup of Penn Alumni. Penn SIGs actively engage alumni by communicating and/or gathering around a central unifying purpose, mission, background or activity beyond class year affiliation, cultural affiliation, or regional proximity (see other existing alumni volunteer opportunities).

Current Shared Interest Groups


Elise Betz
Executive Director, Penn Alumni Relations
Phone: 215-898-2027